The Hunt For The Deepest Cave In The World


These lists change continually, as new caves are discovered all the time. And existing caves are explored to deeper depths every year due to more advanced equipment, the fact that natural erosion keeps on eating away at the depths of the caves, and the rise of a race of professional cavers that aint scared of nothin. Which is the world’s deepest cave? Let’s find out.

So here’s the newest list of deepest caves in the world:

Deepest Cave - 1
ZME Science

This cave sets the record for being the only known cave on earth that has a depth of more than 7000 feet. It is situated in the country of Georgia, near the border of the Black Sea.

The chasm is also known as the Voronya Cave. Voronya means “crow” in Russian, named after the large amount of crows that nests near the entrance of the cave. Wow, the Black Sea and circling crows all connected to this seemingly bottomless pit of darkness. Doesn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy inside?

At first no one knew of the record breaking depths of the cave, as the chasm was notoriously difficult to explore. This is where our modern race of fearless (and arguably addle-brained), cavers come in.

Speleologists have progressively been exploring the cave on numerous costly expeditions, each time carving out the too-narrow passages so that they could squeeze their bodies through jagged little tunnels of rock.

Explorers have to bite the bullet and endure freezing air-temperatures, and wade through even colder water. The cave ends in a final terminal lake, which have been explored by Ukranian explorer Gennadiy Samokhin and is 52 meters deep.