Here Are Some Great Whiskies To Try In 2017

Another year, another group of whiskies to test out. Before making the commitment of purchasing a $60 bottle, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Let’s explore a handful of delicious whiskey worthy of your time in 2017.

Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary Edition


The most recognized name in whisky is now a very, very old man. Jack Daniels is celebrating its 150th Anniversary Edition with a special bottle, plus the whiskey is being filtered through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal and matured in virgin barrels. Sounds delicious? You’d better believe it! It has a nice oaky finish as well.

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye


Did you know that Crown Royal is Canadian? It’s one of many north of the border varieties, including Alberta Premium, Canadian Mist, Hurricane 5, and Forty Creek. This particular brand, Northern Harvest Rye, was awarded whiskey of the year for 2016 by Jim Murray, so it appears to be the real deal. It contains a blend of butterscotch and peppery vanilla flavors.

Maker’s 46


Maker’s Mark has been one of the most unchanged liquor brands in recent memory. Now they are harnessing some originality, releasing a drink that’s simply titled “Maker’s 46.” It includes a bevy of spices, French oak staves, caramel, toffee, and butterscotch.

Amrut Fusion


Indian whisky is apparently a common thing, or at least it is in the case of Amrut. This brand has been around since India’s earliest days of independence, and its name derives from Scottish and Indian barley. This beverage has hints of coffee and cocoa, combined with a citrus finish.

Jura Tastival


The best this brand has to offer is its 30 year old version. The Tastival series is a limited edition run, but this year’s is a 51%, triple-sherry finished batch. Perfect for winter, as it tastes like hazelnuts and raisins.

Old Pulteney Pentland Skerries


This toffee and caramel whisky is also slightly fruity and salty. It’s up there in quality to the Navigator.

Glenfiddich IPA


We’re not talking about your grandfather’s Glenfiddich here. This one is finished with India Pale Ale. But it’s not as dark and bitter as you’d expect, in fact it’s on the lighter tasting side. There’s a nice touch of chocolate in it as well.

Bruichladdich 15 Year Old 2nd Edition


Let’s first point out that this brand is quite pricey at over $120. It’s alcohol makeup is at 46%, so it’s not for the weakest of drinkers either. Furthermore, it’s flavor is quite rough.