The 5 Best Dog Breeds For Impressing A Woman in 2017

While many guys truly love their dogs, there are those single men who use them largely as an accessory in courting the finer sex. Who’s to say you can’t have a dog for both reasons? If you want a dog that can attract females while also being a perfect best friend, look no further than these breeds.

Golden Retriever


Goldens make for the cutest puppies of any breed, but even as they grow older these dogs retain a wealth of charm. Their long, golden coat is aesthetically pleasing, which is always important, and these dogs tend to be incredibly sweet towards everyone they encounter. When ladies see you launching a frisbee for your golden pup at the park, it’s an instant conversation starter.



These cuties were used for herding in Scotland back in the 1800s, but they are now used for cuteness. Their long, smooth coats have made them a consistent winner at dog shows for years. Ever since Lassie, they’ve been viewed as an admirable family dog. Thus, when women see you with one, they will immediately categorize you as husband material.

Jack Russell Terrier


Ever seen the PBS show Wishbone? It’s a classic, and the first one to bring JRT’s (Jack Russell Terriers into the TV spotlight. They might be a little vocal and rambunctious, but they can also be quite lovable. Their adorable spots make them hard to refuse for anyone, especially when you pick them up and hold them.

Siberian Husky


Huskies are some of the hardest working mammals in world history. They are bred to thrive in some of the planet’s harshest environments, including Siberia and northern Alaska. Their thick double coat keeps them warm under ice cold conditions, which makes it all the more interesting that they are becoming popular in the mild United States. California is one of many places that’s seeing a surge in husky adoptions and purchases.



Corgis are fluffy but not too fluffy. They are small but not too small. Corgis are the perfect size to help you keep your man card while also being cuddle and adorable enough to draw the interest of any lady friend you’ll make. In addition to their hound-like pointy ears, corgis rock a buttocks that’s always shaking back and forth. With the herding gene in their ancestry, many of these corgis are as energetic as a much bigger dog.

Next time you head to the local park, come equipped with one of these cute, funny, lovely little critters. You may walk away with your future wife’s phone number.